Two Stores Under One Roof

In the beginning two women decided to share their passions with the community. One started an affordable, diversified book store and the other a candy store. They found a location where both stores could live under one roof. A little later, I bought the candy store and over time added healthy snacks, antiques, primitives, and unusual treasures from the past. Together we are Sweeter Times and Once Read Book Shop. It's a browsing, fun kind of place.

Candy And Savory Treats

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Do you remember a favorite candy from when you were a kid? Maybe, it was a candy bar or a roll of candy from the movie theater. Or, maybe, it was a package of prized delights from the local drug store. We all had one special treat. We've gathered many of these treats for you to remember and enjoy. We'd love to find your special candy memory and add it to our Old Time Favorites. We also have gourmet chocolates, bulk candy treats, and healthy snacks.

Antiques And Oddities Of The Past

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From postcards to paperweights, old tools to canning jars, and baskets to collector plates; we have quite a collection. If it's beautiful, unusual, or fun you just might find it here. We especially love ceramics and crockery. So, if your looking for that special crock or jug let us know. We might have one in stock or can find it quickly.

Books And Magazines

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Once read fiction, nonfiction, biographies, American and Wisconsin history, cooking, crafts and sports. Picture books for pre readers and young readers. Vintage and antique books and magazines. We can also find a special or rare book just for you.